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Trailer Training Prices

Trailer courses can be tailored to your needs, below is a general outline of topics.

  • Legal requirements for driving with a trailer.
  • Driving with a large trailer (more than 2.5 tonnes).
  • Basic safety for towing a trailer.
  • Coupling and upcoupling a trailer safely.
  • Road positioning with a Trailer.
  • Safely perform reversing and parking manoeuvres.
  • Impact on vehicle handling.
  • Increasing powers of observations with driving with a trailer.
  • Effective positioning at junctions.
  • Safe and legal use of speed.
  • Dealing with emergency situations.
  • Trailer loading safety considerations.

Depending on your training needs, lessons are £45 per hour for a minimum of 2 hours training and additional lessons can be purchased as needed.

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